Collection: Shani Wray-Jenkins

 I am a self-taught artist originally from Yorkshire, now living and working in Lincolnshire in the UK. Working largely in acrylic, I paint intuitively. In fact I like nothing more than to turn on my favourite music, close my eyes and make the first mark on a blank canvas... I know that each stroke will inform the next. My abstracts and abstract landscapes are a joyful, textural, atmospheric reflection of place and space, featuring vibrant, energetic brush strokes and multi-layered passages of collage, paint, ink and charcoal.

My art is inspired by the amazing and the ordinary

It’s about the people I’ve loved, lost or are yet to meet. The wondrous places I’ve travelled to and the cultures I’ve experienced. My career as a fashion and interior designer/writer meant I travelled the world extensively, but it all came to a rather unnatural end with the second lockdown in 2020 and was the catalyst for me to finally do what I have always wanted to do. Paint!
Life is too precious to miss out on chances, and my burning desire to make sure I made the most of every single day after the scares of the pandemic was a turning point.
It is summed up beautifully in the last line of a poem by Mary Oliver: 
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”