New Artists at Primrose Gallery

Whilst we are always looking to expand our collection and support new artists, we are a small gallery with limited space and staff.

We ask potential new artists NOT to turn up at the gallery, we request that you submit a portfolio including a bio, pictures of your work and pricing for consideration to  We will then invite any potential new artists in by apppointment.

We will not accept any new artists showing us work UNLESS you have booked an appointment upon invitation.

Walk-ins will not be accepted and you will not be considered for the gallery.

We appreciate this is tough but we've had to make these changes so we can give our current artists the best representation.

Thank you. 

  • In short, it's because you can rely on a Guild Commended Framer to know what he or she is doing. But don't just take our word for it, this is what the Fine Art Trade Guild has to say:

    'Guild Commended Framers are qualified framers whose skills have been examined in a rigorous test.
    Guild Commended Framers have been awarded their emblem of excellence by the art and framing industry's trade association, the Fine Art Trade Guild.
    Guild Commended Framers commit to supplying goods and services of a consistently high standard.
    Guild Commended Framers are mindful of the care and conservation of customers' artwork and can ensure that items remain in optimum condition.
    Guild Commended Framers create frames that are structurally sound, blemish-free and show care and attention to detail.'