Collection: John Haskins

John's paintings have attracted popularity for their landscape and figurative images that capture peaceful or joyful moments in natural or urban surroundings, whether it's strolling down a tranquil country lane, feeling the warmth of a sun-drenched beach or soaking up the vibes of a bustling café. 

John was born and educated at art school in London where he achieved distinction as an illustrator. He became an illustrator of technical publications and was a studio manager for a major publisher. In the meantime, he continued to pursue his love of painting and eventually decided to become a full-time painter.

Since the 1970s he has been a regular exhibitor in galleries and exhibitions in the UK and around the world. Many of his images have been published as greetings cards and other products. He has two grown-up daughters and three grandchildren, and now lives in Bedfordshire with his wife Vivienne.