Collection: Jane Warwick

Jane was born and still lives in Northampton. A qualified nurse by profession, but now using her self taught skills to produce very fine pen and ink drawings, featuring trees with a fantasy element.

Each drawing is full of character, intricate detail and whimsy. Jane has a great fascination for trees and her work is inspired by trees in their natural settings. She describes herself as a ‘Tree Gazer’ and enjoys finding face shapes and patterns amongst the branches and bark, which she encapsulates with her drawings. Her over exaggeration of these elements captures the onlooker to do a little tree gazing themselves. Old trees can spark emotive memories of a time and place – taking you back to dreamy days of childhood.

"You could never make a tree more interesting or beautiful than nature intended," she says, "I just enjoy adding a mix of my imagination and a lot of inky quirkiness."

She also has a soft spot for snails and you will find the comical creatures hidden or in all their glory in several of her drawings.

Jane draws using fine pen and ink in a watercolour wash. Her recent drawings include a mixed media approach with pastels, graphite and inktense pencils. Always finished off with a sprinkle of stardust. It’s all in the detail.