Collection: Julie Aves

Through the meticulous process of sifting coloured powder enamels onto copper bowls and firing them at temperatures up to 900 C, I craft pieces that captivate with their exquisite fusion of colours and mesmerizing effects. Recently, I have embarked on a journey of self-discovery by creating my own copper bowls, shaping them with various techniques to achieve organic and distinctive forms. These creases in the copper not only enhance the flow of enamels but also imbue each piece with an authentic touch. 

In recent years, I have showcased my art in various exhibitions, including the Craft Showcase at Kettering Library, where my work garnered great acclaim and sales. Additionally, I have actively participated in the Kettering Art Society's annual exhibitions, craft fairs, and Northants Open Studios. My enthusiasm and dedication to enamelling were recognized when I was awarded the novice award from the Guild of Enamellers at the beginning of my journey.