Collection: Emma Saul

I am a Northampton-based artist born and bred, but I trained in creative arts and printmaking at Bath Spa University, graduating in 2002. University introduced me to a whole new way of working, new techniques and mediums, and inspired me with a love of printmaking which has stayed with me.

My paintings are based on a love of beautiful landscape. They are nowhere in particular, but may be somewhere to someone, half-remembered places with only one foot in reality. It's more about that feeling of nostalgia you get when you watch the sky getting pinker at sunset, or the sharp intake of breath when you reach the top of a hill and the wide world is spread out below you. It's what landscape inspires in us, rather than about the land itself.

I have exhibited several times in Bath, York, Devizes and Northampton. With a young family to occupy me I am mainly exhibiting online through Artfinder where you can also purchase work. Visit