Collection: Dawn Isaac, Dei Ceramics

Hi, my name is Dawn Isaac. So why ‘dei ceramics’ well I find that my name is often misspelt so I have used my initials.
My work is a celebration of my love for flowers, landscape, textiles, nature and found objects. Influenced by the landscape and surroundings of my home, garden and beaches in East of England, Wales and Cornwall. My work is a bit like me in its eclectic nature.

My small to medium sized work can be found in galleries and larger items in exhibitions. I have sold work in UK, Europe and USA.

A large proportion of my work is decorated using nature printing or general printing techniques and often stained to enhance the detail.

My quirky wall plaques and mini sculptures are influenced by naive art. I am a huge fan of Alfred Wallis and John Maltby.

My outdoor high-fired stoneware sculptures tend to have simple strong lines and a distinctive style that add an additional dimension and interest to a garden, especially when set against dark foliage or positioned on hard surfaces.

I love forest and tree bonsai groups and make organic shaped high fired outdoor bonsai pots. Each is unique with no two identical- perfectly imperfect - is how I like to think of them.

I use stoneware and occasionally porcelain paper clay. Everything is slab built or carved. Each piece is handmade and varies slightly which provides its own character. Outdoor items are fired to 1260-1280C to make them frost hardy. Indoor items are fired to 1220- 1280 C (I am always trying to make my firings as efficient as possible).

I am a member of Anglian Potters and the international Nature Printing Society.