Collection: John Bracey

John Bracey has in recent times been able to concentrate on his artwork full time. He states ‘I love every minute of it!’
John left school and went to art college for three years. He didn’t pursue what was to be his dream immediately though. For over two decades John worked at other things. He had a career in the Army and in IT.
Then after a trip to Rome, it came to him that he wanted to do his art again. This was in 2014. Since then has consistently developed his portfolio and paintings in different styles.

John’s current portfolio consists of bright, bold and vibrant paintings. The inspiration for this series of paintings comes from within and life itself. He does not follow or use any particular source as inspiration for his paintings. Technically John is interested in colour, texture and composition, how colours match and blend as seen in his current artwork. Texture is important to John. enjoying the look of a surface that is aged, retarded and complex.
For his paintings these are the three main aspects that he prefers to deal with. He states ‘I would suppose my work is of the ‘Lyrical Abstraction’ genre. Of course that can be argued!’

John works with oil, acrylic paste and sometimes resin and is not afraid of experimenting with new medias. There are no rules with John whose artwork is always evolving and is always looking for the next thing.

John also participates in regular life drawing sessions. For him it’s important to constantly continue to learn how to see. Life drawing teaches this. He enjoys it and is lucky enough to have a really good studio not far from where he lives.
John sells his artwork across the UK, exhibits in galleries in London and has participated in a number of exhibitions local to where I live and periodically continue to do so.
Flying Ducks Art Gallery is delighted to be representing the abstract artwork of John Bracey.
Featured image – ‘Soul Seagull’