Collection: Richard Gibson aka Pottery Dayz

With a fascination for the qualities of clay since taking pottery as an O level at school, I have held an undying passion for the material and have enjoyed working with it ever since. Beginning my adult journey as a studio potter, I have been lucky enough to have spent the majority of my life as an artist working from various studios and completing site specific work, commissions and pieces for sale in gallery and exhibition settings, much of it using clay in one form or another.

Having also gained experience in the field of Sculpture, Fine art and Installation, I have enjoyed obtaining degrees and post-graduate qualifications in these fields, as well as ceramics. It has been, and continues to be, a privilege to teach and lead thousands of people in projects and countless workshops to all levels and abilities.

Since starting Potterydayz, a hands-on learning pottery studio, I now enjoy teaching people many aspects of pottery, particularly throwing on the wheel and Raku firing.

Central to my life is the practice of making.