Collection: Laetitia Guilbaud

Born on the west coast of France in 1980, Laetitia Guilbaud has felt compelled, since she was a child, the need to sketch female characters. She says that even at a young age she “knew that it was more than a passion, it was essential for my sanity!”.

After gaining her art degree in Rennes, Brittany (while still sketching imaginary women), she began to paint with acrylics and watercolours, and soon had held first formative exhibitions.

Bitten by wanderlust, Laetitia moved to Glasgow in 2006 and lived and painted there for the next 10 years, becoming a full time artist in 2008 as well as starting a family too. Eventually she packed her children, brushes and canvases, and returned back to France where she now lives and works full time.

She says of her work “When I paint, I mix bold colours and feminity to depict women in an attractive and fun way. I just enjoy representing Pin-up style ladies with a twist of humour. I want to show empowered, independent and modern women. I love finding new composition for each painting and drawings.I like to tell stories and to make the spectator smile”.

Laetita is fluent in French, English, Scottish and Acrylics.